2024-2025 IBC Membership

Last Name First Name Title Department Term Role Phone  Email
Smith W. Clay Professor Ophthalmology 2024 Chair 352-273-8794 wcsmith@ufl.edu
Beatty Norman Assistant Professor Medicine 2024 Member 352-294-5481 norman.beatty@medicine.ufl.edu
Boulant Steeve Assistant Professor Molecular Genetics and Microbiology 2024 Member 352-273-7534 s.boulant@ufl.edu
Boye Sanford Associate Scientist Ophthalmology 2022 Member 352-273-6549 sboye@ufl.edu
Duren Amber 2023 Community Member amberduren@ufl.edu
Ferraro Mariola Associate Professor Microbiology and Cell Science 2024 Member 352-846-0954 mjferraro@ufl.edu
Gabriel Dean Professor Plant Pathology 2022 Member 352-392-7239 dgabr@ufl.edu
Gulig Paul Professor Molecular Genetics and Microbiology 2023 Vice Chair 352-294-5544 gulig@ufl.edu
Heil Gary Biosafety Officer Environmental Health and Safety Lifetime Member 352-392-1591 glheil@ehs.ufl.edu
McVay John Biological Administrator Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 2022 Community Member 352-395-4771 john.mcvay@fdacs.gov
Moehle Mark Assistant Professor Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2024 Member 352-294-5571 mark.moehle@ufl.edu
Mohammed Kamal Research Health Scientist, Research Associate Professor Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Medicine (UF) 2022 Member 352-548-7446 Kamal.Mohammed@medicine.ufl.edu
Overend Chris Biosafety Coordinator Environmental Health and Safety Lifetime Member 352-392-1591 coverend@ehs.ufl.edu
Ramirez Harvey Clinical Assistant Professor Animal Care Services 2022 Member 352-273-9243 hramir@ufl.edu
Sayour Elias Assistant Professor Neurosurgery 2022 Member 352-273-9000 elias.sayour@neurosurgery.ufl.edu
Swale Daniel Associate Professor Entomology and Nematology 2024 Member 352-273-9149 dswale@epi.ufl.edu
Vittor Amy Assistant Professor Medicine 2024 Member 352-294-8687 amy.vittor@medicine.ufl.edu

Off-Campus Community Members

Last Name First Name Community Term
Allyse Megan Jacksonville 2024
Sylvester James Jacksonville 2024
Carroll Megan Vero Beach 2024
Pongam Patchara Vero Beach 2024
Almagro-Moreno Salvador Orlando 2024
Khaled Annette Orlando 2024
Wood Brenda Pensacola/Milton 2024
Thrasher Rita Pensacola/Milton 2024
Grooms Dustin Tampa 2024
Williford Allen Tampa 2024
Serrano David Ft. Lauderdale 2024
Khoddamzadeh Amir Ft. Lauderdale 2024
Fischbach Kelly Whitney Labs 2024
McGinnis Terran Whitney Labs 2024